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Shifting to a Freelance Economy has its Problems

Freelancing isn’t a niche on the margins of the economy, it’s the new face of the economy. 36% of the population is already freelancing today, and over 50% of the population will be freelancing by 2027. That means that every second person will be working for themselves within the next 10 years.

This movement gives freelancers the power to control their own careers and companies can hire experts only when they are needed and minimize their overhead.

Freelancing Economy

On the other side, any freelancer will tell you how hard it is to run your own business: you’re marketing, sales, product, accounting and administration all rolled into one. Often in one day. And clients aren’t always making life easy. Over 70% of freelancers are being paid late and in certain industries like fashion and construction, that number is over 80%. It would be unimaginable if 80% of employees would struggle to collect their paychecks. Freelancers deserve that same security.

We need to acknowledge these radical shifts and do a better job of supporting freelancers. Freelance work is work, not a gig, and it deserves to be fully valued.

Why we care

Work Smarter exists because we know how difficult it can be to go at it alone: We're freelancers and so are many of our friends and family. That's why we’re here to support freelancers and their clients throughout a project’s duration. Just because you need freelance work done, doesn’t mean you’re a professional manager. And on the flip side, being a talented freelancer doesn’t mean you’re a talented business administrator.

Freelancing Economy

A lack of legal knowledge, industry skills or a knack for administration should not be barriers to achieving our mission: good work for fair pay. Bringing freelancers and their clients to eye level is key to accomplishing that.

Online Marketplaces are a Blessing and a Curse

The internet opens up so many opportunities for freelancers seeking work; long gone are the days where freelancers’ opportunities are tied exclusively to their personal network.

Finding work online can be a blessing but it can also feel like a curse. Communication isn’t always easy and it’s only made harder with multiple channels. Both clients and freelancers can have a poor customer experience because of miscommunication, and conflict stop a project in its tracks.. Leaving clients and freelancers alone once they’ve been matched online is a recipe for disaster and it’s doing a disservice to the client, the freelancer and the site itself.

Freelancer Marketplace

Conflict between freelancers and clients ultimately results in fallback for the job marketplace where they met. Bad communication, different expectations and unreliable payment systems are the death of any working relationship.

If anything goes wrong, the marketplace ends up paying the price. A project should run smoothly from initial contact to final invoice and marketplaces play a huge roll in making that happen- or risk the loss of customers that fear another bad experience.

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