A comprehensive solution for marketplaces serving freelancers and small businesses

Providing marketplace users peace of mind

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of it all

Sometimes a marketplace will tell us, it’s not important to them what happens once their customers leave the platform. Once they’ve made the connection between a freelancer and a client, their work is done. Getting involved in any part of the project means getting their hands dirty, so they completely avoid contractual matters or payment.

Marketplaces are springing up everywhere, in every industry and for every niche imaginable. Offering a complete solution that manages the entire customer experience is key in providing the kind of value that attracts customers. Imagine if Airbnb refused to manage payments because it was too complex. Effectively managing a customer’s experience is a challenge, but it’s important to get this right. Some out-of-the-box solution just doesn’t cut it, it has to be tailored exactly to your needs.

Freelancing Economy

That’s why the most successful freelance marketplaces offer tools to keep their freelancers and clients coming back. Platforms like UpWork streamline the entire project process from placement to payment, drastically reducing the margin of error. Upwork doesn’t run the risk of losing a frustrated customer because a freelancer can’t invoice properly, nor an unhappy freelancer because they weren’t paid on time. Work management, communication and payment tools are built into the process, offering significant value and ensuring a high level of security and satisfaction for parties.

What we offer

Better User Experience

All the tools necessary for a successful project

Users Stay Longer

Keeping users on the platform from initial search to final payment

Higher Retention Rate

Take control of the full customer experience

More Recommendations

We have the tools to make your customers happy- and their friends.

Lower Customer Service Costs

Combining digital automation with powerful conflict prevention

Less Disputes

Prevent conflict from the get-go to avoid disputes later on

Contracts & Proposals

Contracts and proposals are a crucial cornerstone to a successful project and our documents actively make recommendations to both freelancer and client to prevent miscommunication and ensure clear communication right from the start.

Without the need for costly lawyers, our neutral contract templates ensure that both sides get a fair deal and prevent conflict later down the line.

Secure & Fast Payments

Unlike standard work management systems, we empower freelancers to take control of their cash flow by making escrow simple and accessible. Clients can place deposits or payments into escrow at the start of a project milestone, where it is securely held for the duration of a milestone.

Once work has been completed, they can release payment at the touch of a button, giving both sides security. Freelancers can work with peace of mind and clients can ensure that work is up to standard before making a payment. If disputes arise, we don’t leave our customers alone, instead offering a clear path to resolution.

Automatic Invoicing

As payments are released, individually branded invoices are automatically generated and sent to clients.
These professional invoices can always be accessed by freelancers and clients, providing accessible and well-organized records for future reference.

Looking Ahead

We’re not just looking ahead when it comes to the future of work, we’re keeping a steady eye on the most exciting emerging technologies and know-how to make sure we’re offering the very best service. Decentralized solutions to some of the biggest issues facing freelancers are being developed and our roadmap currently has three important milestones:

  • offering decentralized payment options via smart contracts,
  • transferring ownership of reviews
  • and reputation back to freelancers and offering digital alternatives to typical dispute resolution options.

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